What To Expect During A Cremation?

Now death is something that every person has gone through, which means many people have seen deaths whether they are someone’s friend, son, daughter, relative, loved once, they can be anyone and yes, it is hard to go through the process and bury them whether buried deep within the ground or performing a cremation services Melbourne.

Let’s see how the cremation process takes place but before that let’s discuss about what is cremation. Now cremation is a process where the body is burned down so that only ashes remain. It seems simple right but there are few processes involved in it such as:

  • Preparation of the body of deceased: In this process when the body is sent to crematorium, any items that are present on or in the body are removed such as any metal object. After that the body of deceased is then put back in the casket.
  • Transportation to Crematorium: It is the responsibility of funeral directors to make the arrangement. Now the body can be reached via the funeral home or a church. When body reaches in the coffin or casket, it will always be shut.
  • Body Identification: Now comes the part where you have to identify the body of deceased. A metal plate with the name of deceased is matched with the records at the funeral home to identify the body.
  • Cremation Place: The cremation will be done right after the service of funeral. Although it is mandatory that the cremation be done in the time span of 48 hours.
  • Procedure to place coffin: Now that a cremation is in process, the casket or the coffin will be put on a type of a motorized belt where it will be pushed in the cremation Before it can be pushed any metal objects on the casket will be removed.
  • The Process of cremation: Now that the coffin is placed, the crematorium chamber put up to a certain temperature where it can be heated. When it is heated the casket goes in. After the cremation the body turns to ashes. Then the ashes are then gone through a process where it becomes more thin and fine that nothing else is interfered with it. Then the ashes are put in an urn.
  • The Complete Time: Usually it takes somewhere around 2 to 3 hours depending on the size of body. If we calculate the complete process taken it is around 4 to 5 hours.
  • The Aftermath of Ashes: Now that the cremation has taken place and completed the ashes are given to the family members of the deceased. It is up to the family members what to do with it.

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