7 Reasons Why You Should Take Advantage Of Helical Piles

Helical piles have become a huge help in a lot of construction projects, so maybe when you plan on your next project you should consider having it as your pile for your foundation.Similar to a screw, the helical piles are driven into the ground much like the screw is driven to a piece wood, which is then anchored into place through the helix plate that is located at the bottom of its shaft. This then enables the pile to support construction projects such as buildings, houses, plantations, and so on. To find out more on how you will be able to take advantage of helial piles, here’s a list on the opportunities you could gain from it.

Quick to install – screw piles installation are one of the fastest piles to install compared to other standard concrete foundations. This also does not require digging which increases efficiency in placing the pile.

No excavation – this means you the construction team no longer need to excavate or take away soil which enables them to build faster and save you more money on the project.

No need to cure – some foundations make use of cement foundations wherein they need to wait for it to dry which affects the timeframe of the construction. With the help of your piling contractor, the workers can then start immediately on building the project the moment the piles are installed.

Specific design – your helical pile is specifically designed for your project because these are adjusted on the factors of how much the load will be, the available space in the site, and the condition of the soil.

Less footprint – with helical foundations, you are able to make projects in sites where it requires little to no impact on the environment as possible. With this, the construction becomes far less harmful than concrete foundations.Reduce noise complaints – for other kinds of foundation jobs, they usually require special and heavy machines in order to do the job. This entails loud noise that can affect the environment, especially in areas that are already filled with buildings which can be problematic for the project due to the complaints. Helical piling is able to greatly reduce the noise than that of other foundations because it requires less machines and power than that of other foundation procedures.

Install it to any ground – some foundations cannot really be used for a specific ground, while with helical piling, whether it is a soft ground, a rocky soil, and other types, you can still install these helical pile foundation because as mentioned earlier, it adjusts to the factors that are in the site.